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With a general election looming, should Educational Recruitment agencies be quaking at the knees at the prospect of a Labour Government getting in? Or should they be concerned that the Tory manifesto will slash the once lucrative market that has seen their businesses boom? Let’s have a look at the statistics and see.
Welcome to the brand new ‘What every edu recruitment agency needs to know…’ blog, here to bring you up-to-the-minute news and info on issues that effect education recruitment agencies.
The cost of training your candidates so they’re ready to start in school placements can escalate to hundreds or even into the thousands if you’re paying for courses individually or buying credits with training providers. See how much you could save with a CandidateGo subscription.
The team behind CandidateGo has 25 years experience working with schools, initially as a resource provider then moving into web based services. They have been providing training directly to schools for over a decade, working closely with them to understand their needs and requirements.
We recently talked to lots of our CandidateGo customers to gain feedback and find out what they think of the new platform built specifically for education recruiters.
You asked, we listened, we acted, and we are now pleased to announce that the new Exam Invigilation course is now live in our TrainingSchoolz and CandidateGo subscriptions.
How simple would it be if you could send your candidates one link and they’d get access to all the courses they need?
A survey of educational recruiters has shown that many are paying far more than they need to for essential candidate training.
Adding your agency's branding to our library of 20 training courses is simple and adds that professional touch.
Recruitment agencies are training their school staff candidates in Safeguarding and KCSiE, but what happens if an incident arises and it’s one of your candidates? Schools have found themselves in hot water when incidents have happened, and even though they might have done the training, they can’t prove it.
Brand new to the Education Recruitment market is a new concept from a the national award-winning entrepreneurial team.